With the name Big Bother the board already speaks for itself. It has all the characteristics of The Brother but in bigger dimensions. It is made for catching waves non-stop, apt for all levels of surfer. For those that are starting, haven’t surfed for a while, have gained some weight and want to go back to surfing this is the perfect board due to its buoyancy and stability. For those with a bit more experience this board is pure amusement, especially in small waves.

The Big Brother starting at 680 €

Level: All levels
Waves: Small
Tail: Squash, Round
Fins: Combo      

6'8''  x  22  x 2 3/4     46l


6'10''  x  22 1/4  x  2 3/4     48l

7'0''  x  22 1/2  x  2 7/8    52l


7'2''  x  22 5/8  x  3     55,3l


7'6''  x  2 5/8  x  3    58,3l