If you want to surf non-stop, progress in your surfing or have fun despite not having time everyday to stay on form; the Brother is more than just a friend. Everything about this board is well thought out for catching lots of waves and to move comfortably. Its very level rocker enters the waves like a longboard. Its ample area gives the sensation of standing on the board always reasonably well. Its rounded and generous rails prevent the board from snagging on the wave, helping to iron out inaccuracies. Its short length allows surprising manoeuvrability, a modern concept for improving quickly. Maybe you are just starting out or you are a more senior surfer, if this is your case or for any other reason that you might need that little extra help, the Big Brother is the board for you.

The Brother starting at 620 €

Level: beginner, intermediate
Waves: Small
Tail: Squash, Round
Fins: Combo  

5'4  X  21 1/4  X  2  3/8     30,37L


5'6  X  21 1/2  X  2  1/2     33,34L


5'8  X  21 3/4  X  2  5/8     36,53L


5'10  X   22   X   2  3/4      39,83L


6'0  X  22 1/2  X  2  3/4     42,L


6'2  X  22  5/8  X  2  13/16  44,5L


6'4  X  22 11/16  X  2 13/16   46,L