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The Wild Cat is a very intricate model, a mix of many ideas and design details. Thought out for surfers of all levels from beginners to the more radical. The Wild Cat is a really dynamic enjoyable board to surf with. It has a generous outline that works well with either fin combination (3 or 4).The bottom design starts with a V that facilitates rapid entry into the wave and then converts into a single concave mid board and a double concave between the fins that provide control. This combination, together a small V at the end that helps change from rail to rail, gives a sense of ease to the turns. A good companion for intermediate surfers and a skateboard for shortboard experts.

The Wild Cat starting at 620 €

Level: All levels
Waves: Small, medium
Tail: Cat fish
Fins: Combo    

5'2  X  19 1/2  X  2 1/4   24,74L


5'4  X  21  X  2 5/16     28,25L


5'6  X  21 1/2  X  2 3/8   30,78L


5'8  X  21 7/8  X 2 1/2   34L


5'10  X  22 3/8  X  2 5/8   37,75L 

6'0  X  22 3/4  X  2 3/4  41,5L


6'2  X  22  7/8  X  2  7/8  45L